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Employer Success Program®
& The Road Map to Business Success

How starting with the goal of sending employees home the same way that that they showed up to work, in other words - stopping employees from being injured, has led to finding new ways to reduce employee injuries by over 95%.  

The surprising result was when customers told us we reduced employee turnover, and improved business' culture, performance, productivity and profitability. 

Oh, by the way... We also slashed insurance premiums by over $60,000,000 since 2004.

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Employer Success Program®,
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Why Did You Receive the
Road Map to Business Success Box?

Leveraging over 20 years of compiled information and data from clients who went through the program, we poured through databases looking for the Key Indicators, or data points, that indicate that a business is not performing as well as its peers. Reviewing the extensive data collected has identified your business as being at a competitive disadvantage in your industry.  Employers with the Key Indicators we are seeing for your company typically face employee and business related performance issues, turnover, as well as significantly above average employee related costs.

What is Inside Your Road Map to Business Success Box?

Based on the research data of your business, the Key Indicators showed that your employee injury costs are significantly higher than your peers or competitors.  Therefore, included is a customized report created based on some of the data and information gathered, and analysis performed.  The video will explain to you what is in the report, and the impacts and implications of the data.  The video also explain further what also is in the box and how you can use a FREE DIAGNOSTIC TOOL, to help you improve your situation. 

Why do we do,
what we do...

Our program did not set out to reduce insurance premiums by over $60,000,000, it just happened to be a benefit of our ultimate goal.  In this video, you will learn WHY we do what we do, and how the quest to solve this one issue, that all stemmed from a single event, led us to impacting business' productivity, profitability and business culture.

How do we do,
what we do...

Once a business leader understands that they are at a competitive disadvantage as compared to their peers and are feeling the financial impacts of that, and then they see the results, testimonials, and case studies of other businesses that have successfully gone through and implemented our program and processes that has led to reducing insurance costs by over $60,000,000, the first question they ask is, “How do you do that?”


Is $3,000, $30,000, or more $$$, worth 300 seconds of your time?

Understanding that your employee related costs are well above that of your peers or competitors, we are offering you this FREE Diagnostic Tool. Sometimes, you can focus on the big items and achieve success.  This is not true with employee related costs, where, if you focus on ALL of the small things, the big things (your program and premium) will come around and your situation will improve.  

We have identified 20 Risk Factors that are the main core causes employee injuries and employee related costs. Think of these Risk Factors as spokes on a bicycle wheel, each needing to be strong to support your wheel as you peddle down to road to reaching your goal.  Your wheel may function with one or possibly two damaged spokes.  However, as more spokes weaken or become broken, eventually your wheel will fail, and you will not reach your goal. These 20 Risk Factors are actually indicators that you have issues within your operations that are impeding your productivity and profitability, and are signs of issues within a business' culture.

So you can more clearly understand the individual Risk Factors that are affecting employee related costs; take a few minutes to complete the 20 question Risk Profile Self Assessment. It typically takes around 4-6 minutes to complete.

From your responses, we will review your responses, and then generate and email you a custom analysis of your Risk Factors, as well as provide you with the insights and resources that you need to impact employee related costs, Productivity & Profitability!

In order to receive your FREE diagnosis, simply click BEGIN below.

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