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The Laws of Insurance Attraction 
           Stop Being Frustrated & Overcharged!

Now you want to begin to eliminate your workers’ compensation headaches and dramatically reduce your insurance costs…

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You completed the first step to achieving your goal – getting the book.

Lao-tzu, Chinese philosopher 604 B.C. said “A journey starts with one step!”, so congratulations on taking that step!

Your Next Step, simply register your book using the form on the right.

To help you on your journey to dramatically reduced insurance costs, eliminated frustrations,  zero overcharges, and increased productivity we would like to provide you with tools and resources you can use to reach your destination. By registering your book, you will receive:


SUBSCRIPTION – receive a complimentary subscription to our Monthly Advisory e-Newsletter full of tips, case studies, and current events that impact insurance costs, safety and employee management.

ADMISSION – to Workshops and Webinars designed to provide you with more detailed information on the “how to” of reducing costs, and identifying and managing risks.

RESOURCES – in addition to our AuditCheck Program, receive resources and tools you need to take control of your workers compensation program.

CONSULTATION – complete our discovery call questionnaire and receive a 20 minute consultation call to help you get further on your cost reduction journey or help in solving a tricky issue.

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