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Premium Audits

When it comes to your policy-year audit, 
are you being Overcharged?


75% of Premium Audits are INCORRECT according to studies.
      – The Institute of WorkComp Professionals 

There is more unnecessary money wasted here by employers than you will ever realize. The Institute of Work Comp Professionals (IWCP) has compiled data from the Advisors they educate around the country and have found that 75% of all audits are incorrect. You read this correctly; it is 75%.

With over 600 Classification Codes, over 17 types of payroll that should not be included, chances are your audit contains errors resulting in you being overcharged! 

Common Mistakes Made During Workers Compensation Audits


  • Auditor uses the wrong class codes for one or more employees.

  • Auditor applies the wrong experience mod when calculating your audit premium.

  • Workers compensation policy credits given by the carrier at the beginning of the policy are not showing up on audit.

  • The original manual rates quoted to you are not the same as the rates on the audit.

  • You are being charged for sub-contractor payments even though you have a valid certificate.

  • Incorrect payroll figures are used on when calculating the audit.

  • Owners and officer were not excluded from the audit when they were excluded on the policy.

  • You had an employee in multiple workers compensation class codes but the payroll was not separated on the audit

  • Classification Codes used were not on the original policy

  • Overtime was not properly treated (In PA, overtime is included)

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