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Keystone CompControl

Keystone CompControl is the largest group of workers compensation advisors in the country with over 200 Certified WorkComp Advisor organizations covering over 20 states. 

Each Advisor is committed to helping employers reduce their Workers’ Compensation expenses.

The Certified WorkComp Advisor and Master WorkComp Advisor designations are reserved for those who have demonstrated their competence and have passed a test administered by the Institute of WorkComp Professionals of Asheville, North Carolina.

Are you paying too much for Workers’ Comp?


Most employers feel their Workers’ Comp expenses are too high but they don’t know how to bring them down.

Help is now available so you can reduce your Workers’ Comp expenses to the required minimum.

Here’s what Keystone CompControl does to cut your costs––

  • Identifies premium audit overcharges

  • Finds incorrect and mismanaged Experience Mods

  • Helps change hiring practices that fail to catch job applicants with a Workers’ Comp claim history

  • Helps arrange Medical care that get the employee back on the job fast

  • Finds open claims that should be closed

  • Assists in setting up a return to work program

Keystone CompControl’s Certified WorkComp Advisors are strategically located across the country.

Our Advisors are armed with practical and proven processes to drive down your Workers’ Comp costs. Their experience and expertise will make a difference to your bottom line.

What to expect from a Certified WorkComp Advisor

  • A high level of experience analyzing Workers’ Comp accounts

  • The ability to identify errors and get them corrected

  • Help in implementing processes for controlling Workers’

  • Compensation expenses permanently

  • Assistance in preparing for a Workers’ Compensation audit 

Certified WorkComp Advisors help you change the way you handle your Workers’ Comp. They give you the assistance and tools you need to control your costs.

Asheville, NC

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