Stop Being Frustrated & Overcharged

(By Your Workers'

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The 10

Laws of

Insurance Attraction

David’s knowledge of Workers’ Compensation blew me away when he came in and uncovered $42,000 in overcharges. I would recommend David’s book to any company looking to make a positive impact on their Workers’ Compensation premiums.

             — Alex Yawney, Odyssey Communications

After two years of researching what were the core problems of 1,187 owners, executives, supervisors, foremen, HR professionals, and accountants, this book was created to help business owners solve those problems and slash their workers' compensations premiums.


Stop Being Frustrated and Overcharged is not a technical “coverage book,” it is a practical book designed to give you the insight as to what is affecting your company, what you can do to address it, and more importantly, the tools to achieve results!


It is written by a business owner, who happens to be a risk manager, and has helped hundreds of businesses improve their bottom lines by well over $28 Million since 2004.

As a successful business owner, why would you keep rolling the dice when it comes to managing your insurance program? Constantly frustrating yourself chasing quotes through the broken insurance industry bidding process? Leaving the determination of your premium up to the insurance industry with their “hard” and “soft” market cycles? Only you can answer these questions. But you can take some comfort in knowing that you are not alone.


Nearly 30 years of experience has shown that the most successful business owners do not allow their results to be left to chance. They have found that by better managing their organizations, they become more attractive to insurance companies and earn significantly lower premiums. Using these little known management secrets, they have made their companies more productive, profitable and enjoyable.


Inside these pages you will find out how to stop gambling as the way to reduce your insurance premiums, and learn how to put yourself in a winning position where you ultimately control the game.

Turning Premiums

Into Profits

As a business owner, or business leader, when you look at the amount of money you have just handed over to the insurance companies and received very little, or nothing in return, and the exhausting amount of time you have spent trying to obtain bids or quotes to reduce the cost of your insurance program, only to fall short of the real results you wanted to occur, how can you not feel frustrated… or like you are going insane? And why do they keep doing the same things year after year when it comes to your insurance programs? After all, isn’t that the very definition of insanity; doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome?


But that high-priced insanity stops here.


In his latest book, David Leng shows you how to break this costly insurance cycle and gain more control over your insurance program while simultaneously building equity that will help you and your business, rather than it being pocketed by the insurance company and its shareholders. You will see how businesses that are paying over $100,000 annually in insurance premium can benefit from Alternative Risk Financing, where a business does not purchase traditional guaranteed cost insurance policies, but instead purchases insurance where they take on some risk to get potential rewards. With a 30-year track record in advising employers on how to save substantial money in their premiums, David spells out clearly and precisely why the use of Captives has become the most popular of the alternative risk financing programs being used today. And why it just might be the solution your company needs to increase both its profitability and its equity.


Turning Premiums Into Profits

Hit #1 Best Seller on Amazon

in September 2017

Laws of Insurance Attraction

Hit #1 Best Seller on Amazon

in November 2016



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Insured to Fail

Would you bet your entire business on a flip of a coin?


No rational business owners would do so, but statistics show otherwise...


Most businesses that are affected by a significant event either never reopen, or close within 3-5 years. I have seen "experts" state that 70% or 80% will fail from such an event. The clearest statistic comes from the Institute of Business & Home Safety who states that 25% will not reopen, and 25% will go out of business within 3 years. A flip of a coin! And this statistic does not even contemplate natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina!

If a fire wipes out your business, would you reopen and survive? You are now most likely thinking "YES! I have insurance that will pay to replace my building, equipment, inventory, computers, etc..."


But these statistics are showing that you are flipping that coin as these businesses were insured too!


So, the only possibilities I could come up with for this incredible statistic that 1/2 of business go out of business even though they were insured are:


They did not have a decent plan on how to rebuild, reopen, and regain customers

They could not come up with a decent plan on how to rebuild, reopen, and regain customers

They were not "properly insured" despite buying coverage to pay their significant claim


Why is that?  You will learn directly from those survivors and those failures.  In the book, Insured to Fail, we will explore the untimely exit of an owner, significant employee or crucial customer and what you should do to avoid being a statistic yourself.


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Insured to Fail

I found Stop Being Frustrated & Overcharged extremely helpful. It is an easy read that focuses on the key reasons why businesses are overpaying on their workers’ compensation insurance. As Mr. Leng points out, the problem is that business owners do not fully understand all the intricacies of this insurance and need to educate themselves. Do you understand your mod? The importance of and when your modifier calculation is made? If you were an underwriter, how would you judge yourself as a risk? What is your Risk Profile? How is your broker assisting with your claims? These and about a dozen more are the key questions finance professionals should be asking themselves. A must read for all those who pay workers’ comp, as well as the agents and brokers selling this insurance should probably read and learn from this book.

— David Kay, book purchaser posted on

I never thought in a million years I’d be buying a book on insurance. But then again, if you asked me a few years back, I never thought I’d be running a business.

So.. I thought it was time to step-up and stop putting learning more about this important topic.

Once on Amazon, and with only a bit of searching, David’s publication presented itself. The sub-headline is what did it for me so spending the 9.99 was a no-brainer.

I don’t play cards, but the analogy simplified things for me anyways.

Once I finish this book (nearly there) I feel I’ll be able to get better value out of my insurance dealings with which ever broker I decide on.

A must read for any business owner who admits to themselves they’re not an expert on insurance.

Looking forward to David’s next publication[...]

Great work David!

— Andre, book purchaser posted on

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